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“Where do you stay?”
Property Location How to Choose a Good Location. This is a common question in any conversation with friends, relatives, and colleagues. Why should this matter so much? Is it not enough to have accommodation anywhere in the city? Any way all cities are with some minimum infrastructure and facilities. Can you not buy a house where you find one?

No, you cannot!

A dwelling place is an abode where you nourish relationships!

It is a place to satisfy all your basic human instincts and needs. While taking care of your family, you need an ambiance to create peaceful engagement of your social and religious needs. Your parents need to pass time, your spouse needs peer group and equal status companions, your kids need friends to play, study and healthy competition to get motivated to pursue their studies and hobbies. In all your home and neighborhood is like a cradle to baby, where the baby forgets all its worries and sleeps to the swing.

Yes, home and neighborhood are a soothing place for everyone!

A home seeker needs to keep this in mind while finalizing the location of his house. No doubt the price is a major determinant, prudence lies in matching all other parameters along with the price.

Other factors to be matched are:

Social Status

Choose a place where your equals are more. Dwellers’ profile mismatch may lead to unwanted stress and agony. It may be suffocating.

Home is World for Some

When you are choosing a home, the focus should be on the homemaker, children, and parents! 

Yes, bread earner of the family has least say in this. Home should fulfill the needs of those who stay home longer. A career-oriented bread earner may be home only to sleep and refresh, hence the location should meet the needs of those inhabitants to whom that’s the world.

Infra Features & Facilities

These are the days of high-level stress. Everyone is under pressure. Need a vent to release this pressure. Need a garden to sit and walk, a ground to play and jog, a religious place to perform rituals and prayers, a store to buy essentials, a clinic, doctor, pharmacy for an emergency, a recreation place. The more important feature is connectivity – city bus, auto, and other passenger transport facilities. Avoid the place without connectivity, it will become hell! Look out for slums and irregular colonies within a km.radius. If approach road passes through such areas, ascertain an alternate approach. Polluting industries, sewage canal, high tension power line, abutting railway track, adjacent over bridge are all negative factors.


Shallow land, low lying areas are prone to water logging,drain blocks, etc., Mosquito menace, stray dogs, and animals are a bonus in such areas.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Look for traffic density, blowing horn and flashing lights, which may disturb your good night’s sleep. Go for inside lane. Some people may want to have a residential cum office or shop then it’s inevitable.

Thus the address you create has so much to it! So yours has to be the permanent address.

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